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2020-10-07: Interpersonal Skills Development Series

Class Location: Virtual
Class Date(s): Wednesday, October 07, 14, 21 & 28, 2020
Class Time: 8:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.
Instructor: Matt Deavy

Communication is the cornerstone to the success of every organization and team. This series of four classes (DiSC Dimensions of Behavior, Personal Assertiveness, The Art of Conflict Resolution, and Dealing with Difficult People) are designed to help individuals be the very best they can be while communicating with their peers, bosses and customers.

Session 1: DiSC Dimensions of Behavior

Learn about the tendencies of your natural behavioral style, how it might "rub" other styles the wrong way and what to do about it if is does. Self-assessment to be completed prior to attendance.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop communication strategies to deal with the different styles
  • Apply behavioral flexibility techniques
  • Apply what you learn with a dynamic, interactive exercise
  • Session 2: Personal Assertiveness This session is designed to help participants to recognize the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviors and how to maintain healthy, productive and assertive communication.

    Learning Objectives
  • Complete a self-assessment to determine your level of assertiveness
  • Apply appropriate techniques to influence others
  • Employ ten techniques to ensure assertiveness
  • Session 3: The Art of Conflict Resolution Organizations depend on managers, supervisors and employees to openly discuss concerns and arrive at a joint resolution before a situation gets out of control. Through the use of exercises, team discussions and role-plays, participants learn how to intervene in creative, effective ways to turn conflict into reconciliation.

    Learning Objectives
  • Determine your preferred conflict resolution style via self-assessment
  • Effectively respond to conflict using the conflict resolution style that fits the situation
  • Develop conflict resolution strategies utilizing various models: HEAR, AEIOU and Six Essential Techniques
  • Session 4: Dealing With Difficult People This session is designed to help anyone at any level deal with "difficult" people in their workplace. Participants will learn how to level the playing field in dealing with difficult people through adopting coping mechanisms. Participants will examine each type of difficult person and identify strategies for effectively dealing with them.

    Learning Objectives:
  • Learn coping techniques for dealing with difficult people
  • Identify and develop strategies for dealing with typical personality types, such as the "bomb", the "bulldozer", the "sniper" and many others
  • Who Should Attend:

    Those whose success depends on the ability to work well with others. Supervisors, managers and employees who are frustrated at losing so much time to settling interpersonal squabbles in their workplaces and non-EL series or Communication Skills for Teamwork participants.

    SHRM-CP/SCP Recertification Credits: 12

    PHR/SPHR/GPHR Recertification Credits: 12

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    2020-10-07: Interpersonal Skills Development Series
    2020-10-07: Interpersonal Skills Development Series